My Favorite Michael Jackson Song Of All Tme!

Michael Jackson, circa 1979

Everyone has their own favorite Michael Jackson song.

  • Beat It.
  • Billie Jean.
  • Bad.
  • Wanna Be Starting Somethin
  • Ben
  • Rockin Robin

You’ll get a lot of people telling you what theirs is.

Out of all the song he did in his illustrious musical career, “Rock With You” off his 1979 breakthrough album, “Off the Wall” is probably my favorite Michael Jackson song.

It was his first collaboration with producer, Quincy Jones. Written by Rod Temperton of the group, “Heatwave”; the song reached number one on Billboard magazine’s pop and R&B singles chart.

The video itself is pretty basic. It shows a smiling Jackson dancing in a sequined suit against a background laser. No moonwalk, although those moon boots could probably go a long way for production value in it’s pre-MTV days.

Listening to the song reminds me of some of the few good moments of high school. Moments such as going to house parties on Long Island, playing basketball at Turtle Hook Junior High School on a Saturday night, hanging with friends at the local Friendly’s on Jerusalem Avenue. Those are moments in time we can never get back.

It’s songs like “Rock With You” that you can listen and wonder where you were when you first heard it.

Enjoy Michael contribution to life, and remember him for what he does best.


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