New Website Helps Those Looking To Upgrade Their Work Skills

Online Learning

Online learning have been making huge inroads with the general public. It’s been giving traditional classroom learning a run for their money because of it’s easy access to learn new courses through the Internet.

Nearly 3 million students are believed to be taking online classes at institutions of higher education in the United States this year, according to a report from the Sloan Consortium, an authoritative source of information about online higher education.

The explosive rate of growth, now about 25 percent a year, has made hard numbers a moving target. It’s estimated that online learning, or eLearning, will jump to nearly 12 million by 2012. That is because of more individuals obtaining high-speed broadband Internet access.

For the last couple of months, I’ve been using to upgrade my computer skills. It has enabled me to drastically improve my ability to develop websites and put together incredible graphics.

However, I’ve found a website that can not only improve your computer skills, it can also help guide your career into a different direction. The website is called, ““. They specialize in professional development.

The courses they offer range from Microsoft training, to sales & marketing, to health safety and human resource knowledge.

Subscribers can also develop their own course of design. For example, I’d like to develop a course in labor management. Many individuals don’t have much knowledge of what their responsibilities are or even what their rights are.

It’s essential that those who work every day know what rights they have on the job. Being a veteran of many labor contract negotiations, knowing what your rights are is vital in this tough economic climate.

There are also accredited courses available from well-respected institutions of learning, including Boston University & Cornell University. The site also has “Job Profile” page where individuals can track their progress towards their career path.

Whatever your career goal is, you owe it to yourself to give “” your undivided attention.


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