Girl Shot Dead By Iranian Police (CAUTION! GRAPHIC VIDEO!)

Here’s the video that is fueling the anger in Iran, and I want to warn you; it is graphic!!

On June 20, 2009; in the capitol city of Tehran, Neda, a 27 year old woman, walked peacefully along with her father in protest against the 2009 Iranian election. An election that was clearly a fraud. When suddenly, she was shot by the Basij, the non-uniformed militia controlled by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

Neda was shot in the heart. Her death was captured on video by at least two bystanders. The graphic videos were broadcast on the Internet, quickly becoming a rallying cry for the pro-reform demonstration.

Neda means “voice” in Farsi, and she was fittingly dubbed the “voice of Iran”.

Rest In Peace, Neda Joone Azizam



Note: CNN has been getting allot of flack for showing the graphic nature of the video. If you ask me, it was just right!!

If you go back in time, you will see that every revolution was fought the same way; with blood, sweat and tears! Nothing was ever given to anyone by the kindness of their heart! No one has that kind of generosity!

Just go back to the civil rights movement! I do remember seeing the picture of Emmett Till, a 14 year old black boy who was murdered by white men for whistling at a white woman. His mother ordered his casket to be opened to see exactly what kind of damage the men did.

Read my blog entry on Emmett Till from 2005.

As with Neda, Emmett Till was the turning point in the civil rights “revolution” in the United States! Not showing what people do to others only helps those in power, stay in power!


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