Artificial Joint Problems Bring Lawyers Out Of The Woodwork.

Zimmer Durom Cup

In 2007, Zimmer Holdings, the largest maker of hip and joint replacements in the country, said they would no longer manufacture the Zimmer Durom Cup (shown above). This, after numerous complaints from patients and product failures.

See official announcement.

The Food and Drug Administration, responsible for the oversight of hip and joint replacements, did not make the recall mandatory. In fact, the United States lacks a national database, called a joint registry, that tracks how patients with artificial hips and knees fare.

Countries, such as Australia, Great Britain, Norway and Sweden, have databases that can keep track of what replacement parts work and don’t work. Two House Democrats introduced a bill in Congress in June to create a national database of patients.

As a result, several durom lawsuits have been filed in all 50 states against the manufacturer.

If you had issues on Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacements, then you need to see a durom lawyer.


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