What’s The 1000 Islands Without 1000 Island Dressing?

George Boldt and his famous 1000 island dressing.  But 1000 island dressing isn't famous in this part of Ontario!

Ever since moving up to the 1000 islands region of Canada, something has left me rather perplexed.

One day in early spring, I went for supper at the local Swiss Chalet in Brockville. I ordered my usual Quarter Chicken with 1/3rd Baby Back Ribs.

My wife ordered a Quarter Chicken, white meat and my mother-in-law ordered the same, only she also wanted a salad. She then asked for 1000 island dressing, her favorite. But the waitress said to her that they don’t serve 1000 island dressing.

My thought was, “Wait a minute? We live in the 1000 islands and you don’t serve 1000 island dressing? That’s ridiculous!”

In the early part of the 20th century, George Boldt, a self-made millionaire and owner of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, instructed his maitre d’ to put the dressing on the hotel’s menu, making the dressing very popular. Boldt also had a home on one of the islands called, Boldt Castle.

I wondered how many restaurants in Ontario don’t serve 1000 island dressing. I went to a number of eating establishments in Brockville, Kingston, Smiths Falls, Gananoque, and other areas in what would be considered the 1000 islands.

Turns out, there are a number of them that don’t. I would estimate approximately 60 percent of restaurants in the region I ate at, don’t serve the famous dressing.

Why? The waitresses and owners I spoke about the lack of it gave the explanation, “There isn’t a big demand for it.”

I find that hard to believe that a dressing as legendary and popular as 1000 Island dressing isn’t available.

Can you imagine going to New Orleans and not having Louisiana Gumbo? Or, how about Texas without chili? I couldn’t imagine San Francisco without Sourdough Bread. Or, even Florida without Oranges.

(Speaking of Florida, I wanted to let you know about this place in Florida called, Windsor Palms. Check it out!)

I’m not sure if it’s a Canadian thing or if it’s just nobody cares. But I would think that if you travel somewhere in the world, I would expect to get the very thing the region is famous for.

Mr. Boldt would be rolling in his grave by the omission!


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