New Invention Might Work Wonders For Women

I’ve heard the stories every night. “How hot it is in the bedroom!”, even though the fan is going full blast. My wife, “K-Bear” has a problem with Sleeping Hot. She literally has to sleep on top of the covers every night.

Night Sweats or Sleep Hyperhidrosis, seems to be a major problem with women right around the age of menopause. True night sweats with medical causes should be properly investigated by a physician. But if you’re looking for a way to prevent or easy Sweating at Night, a new invention was developed by a man in Texas.


Originally, the design was supposed to save him money on energy bill. But he also noticed that the bed fan could also help his mother-in-law deal with constant night sweating. The fan system sits at the end of your bed and delivers a gentle breeze between your sheets.

BedFan display

He took his idea and started manufacturing the bed fan model, selling the product on his website and pitched it to various media outlets. His invention has won numerous awards and is now being developed for customers in Europe.

This new invention might just work wonders for my wife and others who suffer from similar disorders. Give the website a look-see!


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