New Survey Spells More Bad News For Record Labels

Broken Records

According to a new Nielsen survey, new album sales have gone down considerably.

Out of 105,575 new releases in 2008, only 950 albums or less than 1% percent, have sold more than 25,000 copies. Of those 950, they accounted for 82% of all new releases sold.

But what was also reported by Nielsen was the amount of albums sold by digital outlets. Those numbers show the changing habits of consumers and the inability of the recording industry to change with the times.

27% percent of all album sales were by non-traditional methods, such as iTunes & Mass media, such as Wal-Mart and Target accounted for 33% percent of sales, with traditional record stores accounting for 32% percent.

By 2010, non-traditional digital outlets will be the main purchasing agent for getting new music. Estimates put the number at nearly 50% percent.

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