Saddielou, Our Precious Little Angel.

Our memorial for Saddielou.

Our 9 year old, black Pug had not been the same since “Pops” passed away suddenly in September, 2007.

In late 2008, she developed a skin condition that started affecting her paws and legs. The condition spread to other parts of her body. Hair started coming off her chin and became infected. Finally, her thyroid started getting worse. She wouldn’t eat her food and would sleep long hours.

Finally, our vet took a look at her. Looking at her, she gave her a preliminary diagnosis of cancer. Tests would probably have confirmed it, but my mother-in-law didn’t want to let her suffer anymore.

She had been contemplating this day for some time now. We were hoping for some miracle. But in her own way, Saddielou said, “It was time.”

Our dog would pine” for ‘Pops’. She was his dog. She kept sitting in his chair every day, waiting for the day he’d would walk through the door. But that day would never come.

It was time to go home on the Rainbow Bridge. The story I read where dogs who are sick and disabled are made healthy, waiting to meet their owners again.

I guess “Pops” and Saddielou are together again in heaven.


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One Response to Saddielou, Our Precious Little Angel.

  1. Laura says:

    It's always sad to lose a pet. When my dad died suddenly, we found his dog dead later that night. They were always together & I guess they still are.Voted for your blog. Consider visiting my parenting blog & voting if you like it.

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