You Need Term Life Insurance

I had a family member had a death of one of their loved ones. It’s hard to see them lose a valued member of the family. What makes it more tragic is that they didn’t have the proper insurance.

Instead of term life, they had an accidental death and dismemberment policy. Good if the person had an accident, but in this case, the person died of a heart attack.

It’s so important to have the right coverage in case of such unforeseeable events. A 20 year term life insurance policy with coverage of $500,000 dollars is really the most reliable coverage you can have.

Though term life doesn’t build cash value, the policy pays the beneficiary the set amount of the policy, provided the premium has been paid on a monthly basis.

Is a 20 year term life insurance policy right for you? It depends. If you’re older (50+), a 10 year policy might be better for you, though you’d probably pay more for the policy. If you’re in your early 20’s and you’re in good health, you can get a term life policy for pennies on the dollar.

Whatever your age, you cannot afford to keep your family unprotected.


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