WSYR’s Ratings Victory Is Hollow

The Official 'I Quit' T-Shirt!

News Channel 9 WSYR delivered the competition an overwhelming victory during the May ratings period.

The Syracuse ABC affiliate won virtually every time slot during its daily newscasts, in some instances, winning my a margin of two to one over its competition, WSTM.

However, it doesn’t help that WTVH merged with WSTM in March of this year. The loss of the former powerhouse TV station has divided whatever was left of its share of the ratings among 3 & 9.

It also doesn’t help that WSTM has lowered its professional standards of delivering news on a daily basis. By hiring “one-man-bands”, laying off part-time staff and full-time photographers & producers and delegating more work to its news staff, WSTM and its parent company, Barrington Broadcasting has succeeded in handing WSYR a convincing ratings victory.

It will be interesting to see how WSYR will run with its new furlough program soon to be in place. Judging from the way Syracuse TV news is being run nowadays, viewers in Central New York will have no choice over what newscast to watch.


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