Performance Royalty Foes Find A Majority in the House!

Legalized Payola in the proposed Performance Royalty!

THE NAB has confirmed that it has now secured the sponsorship of 220 House Representatives to co-sponsor The Local Radio Freedom Act, which denounces the imposition of “any new performance fee, tax, royalty or other charge” on radio for music airplay. The latest influx of new co-sponsors gives the anti-performance royalty side a majority in the House.

Adding their support to the Local Radio Freedom Act are Reps. ALCEE HASTINGS, RON KIND, ALLYSON SCHWARTZ, BOB INGLIS, EDWARD ROYCE and BEN RAY LUJAN. Sources now tell ALL ACCESS that Congressman BOB INGLIS (SC) was the 218th co-sponsor.

“Today’s milestone stands as a testament to the tireless efforts of NAB staff, our state association partners, and grassroots efforts of stations across AMERICA,” NAB Radio Board and COMMONWEALTH BROADCASTING Pres./CEO STEVE NEWBERRY said. “But this fight on behalf of 235 million weekly listeners is far from over. Our continued success is dependent on radio broadcasters remaining engaged in building additional support in Congress, and in reminding lawmakers of radio’s unparalleled promotional value for both record labels and artists.”


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