Converting Gold Into Retirement

Gold Bars

I came across a website called, “”. The site explained in detail how to put gold in an IRA.

If I would have purchased $25,000 in gold bullion coins back in the early 1970’s and kept it during all of the crises the country went through during the last 35 years, those gold coins would be worth nearly $525 thousand dollars.

I will admit, the though of a gold IRAor a gold 401k does sound enticing. Unlike stocks and bonds, gold doesn’t lose too much of its value over the years.

In fact, more individuals are using 401k gold & IRA gold for their retirement. Upon further research, it’s probably better to do this if you have $25,000 dollars or more. If you have less than that amount, it might be best to consult a retirement specialist.

Give the website a look-see!


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