One Question…"Why?"

Peggy Phillip, new news director for KSHB in Kansas City.

KSHB, the NBC affiliate in Kansas City announced that it hired Peggy Phillip to be its new news director.

One blog announced the station had, “a new sheriff in town and she means business!”

What is this, “Gunsmoke”?

I’ve worked with Phillip during her time in Syracuse. All I know is this. In my opinion, she’s not a people person.

During her time in Syracuse, she managed to alienate most of the staff with her abrupt managerial style, though we never had a clash, except during my time as chief steward representing union members.

According the news release, she’s worked in Reno, Nevada; Miami, Chicago, Boston, Tulsa, Memphis, Syracuse, Baltimore and now Kansas City. It reads like a journeyman baseball player in their last season. This is Phillip’s 4th job in 5 years. That should send up a red flag to human resources immediately.

My question is this, why do executives in charge hire people with questionable track records? Do General Managers do this on purpose to prove a point, or do they have the wool pulled over their eyes?

I question the judgement of people in charge. What are they thinking…or are they thinking at all?


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