Would You Buy A Mosquito Magnet?

One of the most visible pests during this time of the year are Mosquitoes.

A modern day vampire, the insect will suck the blood of all mammals, especially humans, to breed more mosquitoes. It’s a right of spring and summer. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I just visited a website that claims it guarantees to rid your home of mosquitoes all year round. It’s called a “Mosquito Magnet”.

They use something called a Patented Counterflow™ Technology. The trap uses octenol to lure the mosquitoes in.

Watch the YouTube video below and you’ll see how it works.

Now, I’m rather impressed by the technology and I really think this would help improve outdoor activities in the home. However, the price of the new technology is rather steep. The Mosquito Magnet runs between $300 and $700 dollars. The item would be beneficial to those homeowners that have disposable income or who live near mosquito breeding grounds, such as swamp and creeks.

If you want to rid these pests, then I would recommend the Mosquito Magnet.


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One Response to Would You Buy A Mosquito Magnet?

  1. tony says:

    Investing on mosquito trap will be best decision, if you consider you and your family's health. This is one major reason why most medical practitioners advise to use mosquito traps in households.

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