Poker’s Popularity Continues To Rise!

Poker's Popularity Continues!

One thing is certain, poker’s continued popularity endures.

15 years ago, the game was just a microcosm on the entertainment world, only seen in poker halls on the Las Vegas strip. Now, poker is one of the most played games in the world, with shows on regular TV and cable networks somewhere across the globe.

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As will all gambling sites, don’t play beyond your means! If you have a gambling problem, seek attention at a local support group immediately!


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3 Responses to Poker’s Popularity Continues To Rise!

  1. dalewalker says:

    I think the reason why poker is such so popular nowadays is that because the world loves to gamble due to the thrill it brings and the fun of the game…and it is being played by so many people that now it becomes apart of world hobby..Aside from it is being shown on TV and many players do hope to win that instant money and fame with poker.

  2. Great point! It is about the thrill and the ability to win huge amounts of money. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hi All,Think this was a great post, don’t forget though that you should always check all the bonuses available. Come check me out at Calida Gamingfor my full list of current Poker casino bingo and sports betting bonuses.SuzieXX

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