Finding The Right Car Online!

In declaring bankruptcy on Thursday, Chrysler intended to make better fuel efficient cars in the long run. A statement that should have been made more than 20 years ago instead of now.

American cars continue to lag behind foreign made automobiles when it comes to price and fuel efficiency. No doubt, the big three automakers have their work cut out for them as they struggle to find a common bond.

One website that helped me in finding potential new vehicles is called, “The Car Connection”. This website is more than just a car shopping website. It’s filled with first hand knowledge of what are the best cars out there. There were four cars that caught my eye.

The first was the Toyota Sienna. One reviewer called the mini-van, “by no means exciting, but it will do a family right.”

Another was the Lexus RX450. In regards to quality, one reviewer gave the car a 9 out 10 and wrote the car, “…goes a long way toward justifying its price tag on the basis of its high quality and comfort levels.”

On the Dodge Journey, a reviewer had some praises for the car, but was rather cautious about it. “…good alternative to the Saturn Vue and Subaru Forester, maybe even to a Dodge Grand Caravan–just don’t pile on the expensive options.”

And when it comes to hybrids, the Toyota Prius gets many good grades when it comes to quality. One reviewer wrote the Prius, “is not a driver’s car, but it delivers excellent fuel economy in a versatile package.”

There are hundreds of other car reviews. Maybe one will catch your eye!


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