Clothing Company’s Interesting Name


I found a company called “Patagonia“. I wasn’t sure what the name meant so I did some research. It turns out the name “Patagonia” is a geographic region containing the southernmost portion of South America.

A map of the Patagonia region of South America.

Located in Argentina and Chile, it comprises the Andes mountains to the west and south, and plateau and low plains to the east. The name “Patagonia” comes from the word “patagón”, used by Spanish explorer Magellan to describe the native people whom his expedition thought to be giants. Those people were thought to be “Tehuelches”, a native tribe who are, in fact, tall people.

The clothing company specializes in outdoor clothes for active people. So, it’s rather fitting that the company says on it’s website that they travel the globe in search of the best materials for their clothing and gear.

Interesting what you learn when you do your research!


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