Stupidity Blows The Series For The New York Rangers!

Why in the hell would you sit your best player in an important game? What, to prove a point? If that’s the case, then why play? Just quit and get it over with!

That’s exactly my thoughts when New York Rangers head coach John Tortorella scratched Sean Avery in game 5. My reaction was, “they just blew the series!”

And that’s exactly what happened tonight as the Washington Capitals came from a 3-1 deficit to win the series, 4-3 against the Rangers.

Now, what’s the point of acquiring Sean Avery if you’re going to sit him on the bench? He’s your best player and you’re giving him the night off? What the hell are you doing? Giving him a time out? What is he, a 5 year old? Is this pre-school?

I don’t give a fuck who it is! You play to win! And that means, winning at all costs! You have a problem with a player? Fine him! Give him extra laps in practice! You don’t give him what amounts to a suspension! Haven’t we learned anything from the Plaxico Burress incident?

Here’s one of the greatest quotes that every coach needs to hear, especially whoever becomes coach of the Rangers next season!

Listen and learn!


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