More Documents in McGraw-Hill’s Union Decert Plan Uncovered!

McGraw-Hill & KGTV...busted!

Today, NABET-CWA Local 54 in San Diego, released more damaging evidence in McGraw-Hill’s attempt to destroy the union at KGTV in San Diego.

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This time, a document that outlines employee’s “voter assessment” or how management thinks they will vote during a decertification campaign, was posted in an article on the union’s website.

After the story broke on April 10th, KGTV management initially refused to respond for comment and even before denied a plan existed. Jeff Block, GM: “We do not have a written union decertification plan. It doesn’t exist.”

But five days later, Block issued a statement stating, “the station was acting responsibly and appropriately by preparing” these documents.

Higher-level McGraw-Hill executives have remained silent on the “voter assessment” plan, no doubt, wondering what’s next?


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