New Website Gives Parents Solid Advice!

For the record, I’m not a parent. However, I do care about children. It’s very important to have kids that are well behaved in society.

There are so many problems facing today’s families, like;

  • How do I discipline without being too harsh?
  • Why should I let my children fail at things?
  • How do I teach my child to be a safe driver?
  • When will I stop pulling my hair out? Teenagers are scary!

From teenage pregnancy, to juvenile delinquency, to the large increases in divorce and single parent households, parents are taxed to the max when it comes to dealing with their children.

That’s why Nickelodeon has a new website dedicated towards dealing with the problems parents face. It’s called “Parents Connect”.

The site gives what they call “no-nonsense” tips on parenting, including advice on how to deal with problems in the home. How to deal with pregnancy, the first years of a child’s life, when they’re at a toddler stage, and when they go to pre-school, elementary, middle school and high school.

The site is very in-depth in it’s information, and I would refer to it if I was a parent. If you are or if you’re going to be one, give “Parents Connect” a look-see!


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