Phillies Announcer Harry Kalas Dies!

The late Philadelphia Philies announcer, Harry Kalas.

Word spread like wildfire that longtime Philadelphia Phillies announcer, Harry Kalas passed away today.

He was scheduled to announce the game against the Washington Nationals when he was found slumped in his chair unresponsive. He was rushed to a Washington, DC hospital where he was pronounced dead.

He was 73 years old.

His voice was recognized not just in baseball but in football, as well. He was a play-by-play announcer for Westwood One’s coverage of the National Football League, as well as the voice of NFL Films and the official announcer on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl.

I truly enjoyed Harry’s announcing style, especially on home runs.

“He hit that ball to deep center field that ball is outahere! Home run, Ryan Howard the Phillies win!”

Kalas made his most memorable call on April 18th, 1987.

“Swing and a long drive, there it is, number 500! The career 500th home run for Michael Jack Schmidt!”

It’s his distinctive voice I’ll miss the most! R.I.P., Harry!


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