Source:Music Industry Will Quit Playing "Hard Ball" Soon!

Sweet Surrender
Warner Brothers

I couldn’t believe this article I found on Kurt Hanson’s RAIN newsletter today.

It turns out that the music industry’s aggressive stance against Internet radio and all things against technology regarding the use of music is all part of a “master plan”. This, according to a source close to a powerful record label.

The source’s claims that once CD sales hit rock bottom, only then will the music industry embrace the new technology.

“Internet services… will be embraced as ways to get the word out on hot new music. These services pay for the privilege today (either through high streaming rates or in court), but in the future they’ll be the ones getting paid by labels.”

The industry will probably quit playing hardball by around 2011, which ironically is about the same time the new royalty rates for 2016 and beyond are negotiated. Read the article.

The article itself is nothing short of “mind boggling!” For years, “yours truly” has continuously stated that the recording industry has always wanted to control what artists get airplay and who doesn’t. This article pretty much sets the record straight.

Whether the industry likes it our not, the Internet is the future. It is the last, best and final frontier in discovering great talent. By not embracing change from the beginning, the industry managed to destroy itself sooner than anyone could have imagined.

Internet radio and other similar technologies is starting to look like “Sooth Sayers” right about now!


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