My Concerns About The Canadian Justice System!

Last July, a Chinese national stabbed a man multiple times on a Greyhound bus just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba. After doing so, the suspect beheaded the victim and ate his body parts.

Today, a judge found the man not criminally responsible due to mental illness.

The decision means Vince Li will be treated in a mental institution instead of going to prison. The family of victim Tim McLean said Li got away with murder.

Without looking at the evidence and without speculating on the cause, I find it very disturbing that a judge can decide who is sane or insane. Unless he is a licenced professional in medicine, a judge is not the authority to make that decision. That decision should be made by a jury of his peers.

I asked my wife, who works for a law firm in Ontario, how judges are appointed. Are they elected officials? The answer she gave me was “no, they’re not elected officials. Judges are appointed by their peers in the legal profession.”

By the legal profession…Interesting!

I’ve had conversations with some fellow Canadians and I’ve heard stories about murders committed by obviously guilty parties, who were then given lenient sentences by the same Canadian judges.

If I were a Canadian citizen, and I’m not yet, I would be very concerned that the Canadian justice system has been ‘poisoned’ by a group of individuals who upon their own choosing, can enforce laws without Canadian citizens consent.

Maybe that’s the American in me talking, but it seems wrong. Government for the people, by the people? Not here in Canada!


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