Nuclear Strike Hits WTVH, Employees!

WTVH, The Day After!

The first TV station to broadcast in Central New York was hit by a force stronger than anything seen in the last 60 years…a nuclear bomb!

A total of 40 staffers were given pink slips at 10am, today. Their jobs no longer available as Granite Broadcasting entered into a shared services agreement with Barrington Broadcasting and WSTM. A total of 5 workers were hired by Barrington to work for Channel 3.

At one time, Granite was the largest minority-owned broadcast company in the country. But the company lost its minority ownership when it emerged from bankruptcy in 2007. Now, Silver Point Capital, a private equity fund and hedge fund investor, has become Granite’s majority shareholder.

The loss of WTVH can only be described as a human tragedy! Once again, the same individuals who are responsible for ruining the financial stake in America have managed to destroy more families…all for the sake of keeping their own profits and bonuses!

Even more disgraceful was a report in that the vice president of sales at WTVH told those in the meeting that he would be taking another job with Granite outside Syracuse. Jeez! Nothing says “fuck you” like being thrown off a high speeding train!

When the dust settles from this disaster, the main casualty will be the people of Central New York…now left with one less objective voice in the media!


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2 Responses to Nuclear Strike Hits WTVH, Employees!

  1. Is this legal, given FCC requirements for local content in the community in which they are licensed? Channel 3 already operates WSTQ. This is absurb. A coalition of community groups should be formed to challenge Channel 5’s license.

  2. I agree! If enough opposition is made to this agreement, the FCC will take notice!

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