Should The Brockville Recorder & Times Just Call It Quits?" UPDATE!!

Brockville Recorder & Times

I just found another doom and gloom story about newspapers today. This time, at my former place of residence.

The San Francisco Chronicle was one of 10 newspapers that are endanger of shutting down in the next few months due to the changing habits of readers. Read Here to see the rest!

Let’s face it. People are just not reading newspapers anymore.

Here on the Canadian side of the 1000 islands, I have to get my news online. I’m just not impressed with the local newspaper that’s available here.

The Brockville Recorder & Times is the source for news here. It has been for the last century and a half.

Unfortunately, it has not kept up with the Recorder & Times.

It’s layout is the same every day. They don’t have a morning edition. They laid off staff due to financial difficulties and now has an awkward schedule, publishing their newspaper Tuesday thru Saturday.

Call me spoiled, but I always received a Sunday newspaper.

I’ve made my issues about the newspaper’s online presence (Read my previous blog on the subject!), but I don’t think they do a good job doing that.

If you’re going to cover the news, do it the right way. Don’t cut corners and not have a stats section one day a week. Add variety to the newspaper by mixing it up a little. Why have the same layout every day? And for god’s sake! WHERE’S GARFIELD? This must be the only newspaper that doesn’t publish the lazy, Lasagna-eating cat!

With all these newspapers in North America in trouble, should the Brockvile Recorder & Times also shut down, as well?

As Frank Sinatra once sung many years ago, you have to go, “All the Way.” Is it worth it?



Just as I was talking about the local newspaper here should shut down, one of the 10 newspapers in danger of closing printed their last publication.

The Rocky Mountain News in Denver was the first victim of the changing times. Today was their last edition. EW Scripps, which had been trying to find a buyer for the newspaper since December, lost $16 million dollars in 2008.

The 230 editorial employees would continue to be paid through April 28th. It’s rival newspaper, the Denver Post said it will hire 10 news staffers, including five columnists, four reporters and it’s editorial page editor.

Scripps had owned the News since 1926. The newspaper will close just two months short of its 150th anniversary. There is talk the newspaper may come back in an online-only edition.


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