"Blind" Musicians Being Led By The "Serial Killer" Recording Industry!

Dollar Sign!

On Tuesday, a group of musicians led the charge on Washington in support of legislation requiring terrestrial radio stations to pay for royalties to musicians when stations play their songs.

The group, “MusicFirst” is an organisation formed last year to fight for a performance royalty on FM/AM radio.

Among the artists in attendance at the press conference were will.I.am, Emmy Lou Harris and Sherry Crow. Patti LaBelle, who’s big hit in the 70’s was “Lady Marmalade”, claims she was “pimped” for nearly a half century during which she wasn’t paid for royalties.

“I never thought I’d be standing here asking for my money,” LaBelle said in a House office building room filled with music stars, their agents, record industry executives, reporters and legislative staffers looking to catch a glimpse or get an autograph.

Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn (R) representing the 7th district that covers the country music capitol, Nashville, said, “This is not a partisan issue, this is a fairness issue. They own that creation. Let’s honor their good works and creativity.”

Uh, sorry congresswoman! But these artists are employees of the record companies! They’ve enjoyed nearly 80 years of free publicity. Now you want to get rid of that privilege?

The problem is not with terrestrial radio, the problem is with the record companies not paying the artists!

At best, this was another example of lobbyists using their power to “sucker” unaware congress people to support their agenda.

Live by the photo op, die by the photo op!

(BTW, those artists in attendance at the press conference won’t have their music played on my Internet radio station any time soon! Sorry, Herbie Hancock!)


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