NY Post has and always will be…a DISH RAG!

Controversial New York Post Cartoon that was published on

The New York Post has been criticized since the beginning of Rupert Murdoch’s ownership for what many consider its lurid headlines, sensationalism, blatant advocacy and conservative bias.

But now, the Post may have just about gone too far.

This week’s publication of the above cartoon is about as racist as any publication I have ever seen. It goes back to cartoons made by white supremacists groups portraying black and other minorities as something other than human.

You would have to be an idiot or a complete naivete not to think that monkeys or any other primate represent blacks. The editors of the New York Post should have known this was going to be a powder keg of an issue!

I’ve always known that the New York Post was a bad newspaper, but I never thought it would stoop so low.

NY Post has and always will be…a DISH RAG!


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