Former Work Colleague Jeff Glor Gets a Promotion!

CBS's Jeff Glor

I was happy to hear that Jeff Glor was given a prime spot for CBS. He’ll be taking over the Saturday edition of the CBS Evening News.

Glor, who has subbed as anchor of Evening News, has been with CBS since 2007. Before that he was an anchor-reporter at WHDH-TV Boston.

I worked with Glor when he was a “green” reporter right out of Syracuse University at WSTM in 1997. He worked his way up the ladder, taking the morning show anchor job during my term as overnight photographer.

Our ratings took off from 1998 to 2000, finishing in 1st place or tied for 1st. From there, he moved to the 5pm show, where that show continued to improve.

He left for Boston in 2002, where he worked the weekend anchor gig until his current position with CBS.

It just goes to show the TV business is very small with all the people you run into all the time.


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