SoundExchange’s "Agreement" Sounds Like Blackmail!


SoundExchange is at it again!

This time, they’re bullshiting Congress into thinking there is an agreement reached between themselves and small Internet radio broadcasters.

They’ve concocted something called, “The Small Commercial Webcaster Settlement Agreement”.

SoundExchange emailed the proposal to a group of smaller webcasters on Friday, in which the webcasters would be required to give up variety of rights to qualify for royalty rates essentially the same as those in 2002’s Small Webcaster Settlement Act (SWSA).

The proposal’s basically says that any company buying a small webcaster must pay the full statutory rates retroactive to 2006. Webcasters agreeing to SoundExchange’s proposal would not be allowed to participate in any CRB proceedings to determine royalty rates for 2011-2015.

SoundExchange told webcasters that they intend to submit the license to Congress this week with or without their input.

This “agreement” was not negotiated with the help of Internet broadcasters, but is, in fact, a smoke screen to try and generate support for SoundExchange’s hard-line tactics from uninformed members of Congress.

One broadcaster told the publication, Digital Music News, “It raises questions about the fairness of the entire process if you are going to subject people to certain rates, but then prohibit them from exercising basic rights to challenge those rates.”

In other words, it’s blackmail!


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