New Website Design for "Smooth Jazz and More"!

If you’ve been to my website this week, you’ve probably seen a message about it being under construction.

Don’t be alarmed! This Friday, the new “Smooth Jazz and More” website will emerge, will be newer graphics, more features and easier to access web pages.

It was all done with the help of NABET-CWA &

In the meantime, you can still listen to the best Smooth Jazz, light sounds and in-between on the web!

Here’s a preview below of what the improved logo looks like! The new features show an almost 3-D look.

The new Smooth Jazz and More Logo!

We hope to take the time to visit my new and improved website this Friday!

See you there!


About smoothjazzandmore

I'm a TV producer and an Internet radio broadcaster. I also write for my blogs (An Op-Ed Blog and a Football Blog) here at WordPress.
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1 Response to New Website Design for "Smooth Jazz and More"!

  1. Rpaxis says:

    I had seen your website this week it being under construction. It's really imagine site being with best smooth Jazz, light sounds in between on the web. you can also visit to see web design long island and long island website design for exciting feature.

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