A-Rod Positive Steroid Leak Could Mean Trouble For Sports Illustrated!

Alex Rodriguez

This weekend, Sports Illustrated ran a cover story that reported New York Yankees’ star 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez had tested positive for steroid use in 2003.

This, according to “two sources familiar with the evidence that the government has gathered” in the BALCO investigation and “two other sources with knowledge of the testing results”.

Home-run king, Barry Bonds is currently facing perjury charge and is on trial in the San Francisco bay area in regards to the BALCO case. It would not surprise me if the judge in the case calls for a mistrial.

Without a media shield law in place, Sports Illustrated, reporters, editors and publishers could be looking at jail time for contempt if they don’t divulge their sources.

Those who did tell Sports Illustrated about the court-sealed information could be looking at a couple of years in the slammer for violating a court order.

This ain’t funny, no more!


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