Published Report:Recording Industry Allies Want Internet Radio Dead!

Broken Record

Tonight, the usual bullshit ceremony that awards “no-talents” from across the country were given out.

This is the 51st year the Grammy’s have been awarded. Judging from the pomp and curcumstances on tonight’s show, you would think that all is well in the music business. That can be far from the truth.

The recording industry continues to shoot itself in the foot, publically.

Congress is debating a royalty bill for broadcasters that would esentially give the record companies the right to price terrestrial radio out of playing music.

Internet radio, which includes Live365’s, “Smooth Jazz and More”, continues a life or death struggle with it’s outrageous 300% percent royalty bill with SoundExchange.

Yahoo! and AOL has left the Internet radio business and Internet broadcaster, Pandora, is surviving on a day to day basis.

And now according to a article, supporters of the recording industry are thankful that they fought Internet broadcasters for excessive royalties.

The writer went on to say, …though this may kill Internet radio, it will also set a precedent for publishers receiving a cut for the use of the music they own regardless of the medium.

Which leads me to the question, when all of Internet radio gets shut down, where will the money come from?

BTW, if you’re interested, here’s a link to who won. As if I care!


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