School Drops Canadian National Anthem

The Canadian National Anthem

Just found this despicable story on the wires.

This week, a principal in an elementary school has ordered the playing of the Canadian national anthem to b stopped.

Erik Millett, principal of Belleisle Elementary in Springfield, New Brunswick; dropped the morning ritual in response to concerns from other parents.

In response to the decision, Millett says, “…it’s not simply about O Canada. He said the province needs to take a closer look at the issue and stand on guard for all students.”

Question principal Millett…have you even served your country, and I mean not in a school bureaucracy? Probably not!

I couldn’t imagine my home country allowing school officials trying to stop the Star Spangled Banner from being played in schools. It’s bad enough Atheists are trying to stop the Pledge of Allegiance from being sung because “God” is in the verse.

But the point is, people, where ever they live, should have an idea of what country they live in! Men and women in the US and Canada have died so jackasses like principal Millett can live freely.

Right now, we got immigrants running the round Canada with no idea what the country’s history is, how the government is run or have any desire to assimilate…and everyone else in Canada simply sits by and let this unpatriotic event slip away!

Canadians cannot just sit back and let this act of ignorance run unchecked. Parliament should immediately draft a law making it mandatory that the Canadian Anthem be played before every event in all schools, government meetings and sporting venues.

Patriotism obviously doesn’t run in principal Millett’s family…stupidity surely does!


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