Rumblings About The New York Islanders

New York Islanders logo

There’s some talk in the hockey world about the New York Islanders arena situation. There’s a chance, an I mean a slight chance that if the current arena is not replaced, the team may move.

Read the article here!

The Islanders leaving Long Island would be like the Dodgers leaving New York. So many memories put together during my years living in Uniondale.

I mean, who could ever forget the many memorable games against my Rangers. How about the 1975 improbable run by the Islanders when they won their first playoff series against my Rangers. How about the 1979 victory against the Islanders to go on the to the Stanley Cup finals. And how about as the 1984 opening round playoff when the Islanders won in overtime.

It would be a shame for a franchise with such a great history to leave.


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