Boxing Day? What’s Boxing Day?

Boxing Squirrel
Uh, no! That’s not what Boxing Day is!

A good number of years ago, I was asked by someone what I was doing for Boxing Day.

“Boxing Day? What’s Boxing Day?” I asked.

Well, Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26th.

It dates back to the 18th century when it was a custom for the wealthy to give gifts to employees or to people in a lower social class.

More importantly, household servants would be given the day off to visit their loved ones.

The day is celebrated in the United Kingdom and its commonwealth of nations, including Australia, New Zealand and, of course, Canada.

Of course, the person who asked me the question was a native of Canada.

Because the United States declared its independence from Great Britain during the American Revolution, it’s just another day.

But now that I live in Canada, I’m now become acquainted to many of the day’s traditions. They include, getting an extra day off work in addition to Christmas, the start of the World Junior Hockey Championships and tons and tons of shopping deals.

So now that I know what Boxing Day is, I wont have to think it’s a day when everyone celebrates the invention of the box. Or, when all boxers go out and box a few rounds in the freezing cold. (heh, heh!)


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