NBC Brass Makes Cuts, Spends on Themselves?

NBC Peacock Logo

Big business are pleading “poverty” over the downturn of the economy, giving them an excuse to get rid of excess staff.

The latest is NBC Universal, who let go of 500 workers at their owned & operated TV stations and bureaus.

Among the victims, NBC correspondents Kevin Corke, Don Teague, Bob Faw, “Dateline NBC” West Coast correspondent John Larson and Mark Mullen, who served as Beijing Olympics bureau chief.

According to sources, as well as traffic on industry message boards, many are disgusted by NBC corporate bosses’ “business as usual” approach, while layoffs are being called for company-wide.

One anonymous poster wrote, Despite the pain and havoc NBC is spreading amongst employees coast to coast, despite the good people it’s tossing out the door, the Network is having a big inaugural luncheon in Washington. Spending lots of loot. All the biggies are invited (managers, on-air major talents, etc.) As for the rest of us who do the work – well you know the story. Me – I just hope Jeff Zucker chokes on his lunch. A lot of NBCers will raise one finger to him but few will give him a Heimlich!!

Gotta make you wonder if anyone in corporate America cares anymore! Is it January 20th., yet?


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