Canadian Government is in a Shambles!!

Imagine winning an election and then being told “no” you can’t serve!

No! We’re not talking about Al Gore and the 2000 election where he received the popular vote, but lost the electoral vote, where the Presidential election mattered.

We’re talking about Stephen Harper (shown above) and his Conservative Party here in Canada!

In September, Harper, who is the Prime Minister for the country, called for elections in October to try and get a mandate for his party.

Here in Canada, you vote for the party, not the person, which I find rather bizarre.

Harper’s Conservatives (equivalent to the Republicans in the states.) won the election, but didn’t win enough seats to gain total control of government.

In talking with friends of my who are aware of the situation in Ottawa, The Liberal party (equivalent to the Democrats in the states) and two other parties, Bloc Québécois (a pro-Quebec secession party) and a pro-labor party called “New Democratic Party” or NDP are in discussion to band together and take over parliament.

The coalition would agree on a new Prime Minister and virtually take control of the government. Prime Minister Harper is expected to call on Canada’s Governor-General Michaelle Jean to ask her to halt Parliament temporarily or allow a snap election to be held.

According to the Canadian Government’s website, The governor general performs the duties of head of State and has several constitutional responsibilities. The role of the governor general is to serve as the representative of the Crown (Whatever that means!) in Canada and as the guarantor of responsible government. One of the governor general’s most important constitutional responsibilities is to ensure that Canada always has a prime minister, and a functioning and responsible government.

So really, just who would be in charge? It sound like a coup d’état to me! And I thought my government was bad!

Prime Minister Harper must take his problem directly to the Canadian people.

He needs to go on national television and explain what the crisis is. Most importantly, he needs to tell the people that their October election is being undermined by individuals in government that don’t have their best interests in mind.

Charisma is what Harper needs…Right now!!


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2 Responses to Canadian Government is in a Shambles!!

  1. French says:

    A representative of the crown in Canada means that she represents Queen Elizabeth, or whomever the monarch of Britain may be, and carries out decisions and policies in their absence.

  2. Thank you! I'm still learning how things work up here!

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