"Deathstar’s" at it again!

A former morning show personality has filed suit against the station, claiming it is requiring her to pay $10,000 to resign.

Rocio Garza, formerly of KBTV in Beaumont, Texas; claims she became unhappy with the progress she was making at her job as an on-air performer in early 2008, but was told by the station’s new general manager, Chris Pruitt, that she would be required to pay $10,000 if she decided to leave.

Pruitt replaced Van Greer, who had previously told Garza she would not be required to pay the money if she decided to leave, according to the complaint filed Oct. 21 in Jefferson County District Court.

The suit names Nexstar Broadcasting Inc, as defendant.

The written employment contract Garza signed requires her to pay the $10,000 in liquidated damages if she leaves before her employment term has ended, the suit states.

After Pruitt informed Garza she would have to pay the money, Garza decided to stay, the suit states.

In October, Garza claims she was demoted to weekend weather and was no longer allowed to appear on the morning show in apparent retaliation for her displeasure.

Garza decided to resign, but was again told she would have to pay the $10,000, according to the complaint.

This is not the first time “Deathstar” has had legal issues with a former employee.

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