CNN Gets It Wrong On Employee Free Choice Act!

CNN likes to bill itself as, “the most trusted name in news.” But when it come to the Employee Free Choice Act, they’re far from it.

Last week, on “Fact Check from CNN’s Truth Squad,” CNN reporter Alina Cho stated that John McCain was correct when he charged that Obama wants to “take away” workers’ right to a traditional secret-ballot election.

Click here for the report.

Yet when CNN was contacted about the error by the workers’ rights organization, American Rights at Work, a network spokesperson said they stood by the report and refused to issue a correction.

Apparently, the network seems to think that if this bill passes, it would end the secret ballot to unionize. Wrong! The bill would not do so!

What it will do is simple. If an overwhelming majority (60% percent of workers) sign a pledge card for union representation, they will automatically receive union recognition from the National Labor Relations Board through “card-check”. Anything more than 30% percent will require a traditional vote.

The new legislation would also provide for first-contract arbitration and tougher penalties on employers for labor law violations.

Keep in mind that CNN, which is owned by Time-Warner, has a huge stake in this legislation.

The network is in trouble with the National Labor Relations Board over union busting in New York & Washington.

In 2003, CNN abruptly ended an agreement with a sub-contractor that had collective bargaining agreements with NABET-CWA. They then hired more than half the staff back at less pay & less benefits.

The NLRB filed charges against CNN and is currently in litigation. A ruling is forthcoming.

For more information on the Employee Free Choice Act (H.R. 800, S. 1041), go to the AFL-CIO’s website by clicking here!!


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2 Responses to CNN Gets It Wrong On Employee Free Choice Act!

  1. You shouldn’t be writing about things of huge impact that you obviously know nothing about. In theory, the EFCA does not eliminate the secret ballot election. In practice, it does completely.

  2. Coming from someone from a “Right to Work for Less” State, whose also an anti-union hack, and who also doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about, doesn’t surprise me!MOVE ALONG THERE, POCAHONA!!

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