Little Rock TV Anchor Dies

KATV Photo

Anne Pressly, 26, a morning anchorwoman for ABC affiliate KATV in Little Rock, Arkansas, died from injuries sustained after a brutal beating in her home.

Pressly was beaten around the head, face and neck after she didn’t answer her wake-up call by her mother last week.

She had been unable to communicate with her family or police while being kept sedated in the intensive care unit.

The anchor’s death came only a day after a doctor said he was encouraged that her vital signs were stable while she remained in critical condition.

Dr. Clifton R. Johnson told reporters on Friday that swelling in Pressly’s brain had gone down since being hospitalized and that doctors had slowly been reducing her sedative dosages.

Police have yet to identify a suspect, though detectives have combed the area around Pressly’s home.

News reports have said detectives found evidence that Pressly’s credit card was used Monday at a gas station a few miles from her home. Police investigators suspect Pressly was the victim of a random attack.

Pressly was a native of Greenville, South Carolina and moved with her family to Little Rock while she was in high school. She was a graduate of Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.

She had a small role in the new Oliver Stone movie “W”. She appears briefly as a conservative commentator who speaks favorably of President Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” event on an aircraft carrier shortly after the start of the Iraq war.

On Saturday, KATV opened its nightly news cast with a seven-minute segment devoted to Pressly.

Anchor Pamela Smith told viewers that Pressly’s family agreed to have their daughter be an organ donor. Smith’s voice hitched as she read condolences sent into the station, her eyes red.

A reward fund KATV set up to help find the killer or killers has reached $30,000, the station reported on its Web site Saturday night.

No funeral arrangements were immediately announced.

Journalists have a strong bond with each other, and when something happens to someone in our profession, we all get together.

Today, journalists across the country mourn the loss of one of our own.

Please send your thoughts and prayers to her family and staff by clicking here.


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