OJ Simpson’s Past Catches Up To Him!

O.J. Simpson arrives in court before being found guilty on all 12 charges, including felony kidnapping, armed robbery and conspiracy in Las Vegas. The verdict comes 13 years to the day after he was acquitted of double murder charges.
(AP Photo/Daniel Gluskoter, Pool)

When jurors were hand-picked for OJ Simpson’s theft and kidnapping trial in Las Vegas, they were told to ignore what they knew about Simpson’s past.

But when you look at the guilty verdict that was handed down last night, you can’t help but wonder if they did forget.

Americans, particularly white Americans, were outraged at the 1995 acquittal in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

The jury that convicted Simpson consisted of three men and nine women, including one woman who identified herself as Hispanic, a court spokesman said. The jury contained no blacks. It was the perfect opportunity for those with an agenda to convict Simpson.

Whether the guilty verdict is overturned on appeal, the fact remains…people got exactly what they wanted…a Simpson conviction!


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