AP/Yahoo! Poll Reports What I Already Know!

In a landmark survey being released this weekend, many white Democratic and independent voters are steering clear of Barack Obama because of the color of his skin. This, according to a poll that shows racial prejudice is more widespread and critical to the election than commonly thought.

Stanford University, the Associated Press and Yahoo! News, examined the racial views of Democrats, Republicans and independents, and how their impressions could affect the contest between Obama and Republican John McCain.

The cold, hard facts of the poll, racism remains a major part of American life.

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It’s a sick, vile, disgusting thought. That people continue to live their lives by looking at the color of a person’s skin, rather than seeing the overall inner personality of someone. It shows that we haven’t gone very far when it comes to race.

November 4th will show the world whether the United States will be seen as a proven leader or an “Ugly American.”


Judging from all the blogs I’ve posted lately, you’re probably thinking that I’m an Obama supporter. Well, let’s get everything off the table.

Straight up, I am a supporter of Barack Obama!

Our country is on the threshold of an amazing transition. Never in my lifetime would I have thought the election of a black candidate would take place.

At the same time, the economic climate almost like it’s 1932 again (Not that I was living during those times, because I wasn’t.)

Judging from the current state of affairs, the country is hungry for a fresh start. But the question remains…”Is White America ready for a Black President?”

A fraction of the population says, “No!”

I don’t know what the future brings this November. But I do know this, the world is watching. The world depends on the United States for leadership. Americans who don’t vote for Obama have no one to blame but themselves for the mess they’re in.

It should be a no brainer, people!


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