McCain Needs A "Change of Scenery!"


With the McCain campaign back on defense due to their inability to make sense of the economy, don’t be surprised if a foreign crisis pops up before the November 4th elections.

McCain clearly admitted he doesn’t know much about economics. In fact, the comments he made in a speech on Monday saying, “…the economy is fundamentally sound.” shows his complete ignorance of the subject matter.

Top Republican aides are trying to claim unfairness on the Obama side and that Obama is “cheerleading this crisis.” The topic has shifted the election back to the Obama side.

In order for McCain to “stop the bleeding”, the campaign needs to change the subject to something they’re used to exploiting, like Pakistan. The US government have been conducting attacks across the Pakistan-Afghan border regions, where al-Qaida and Taliban militants have been taking refuge.

Pakistan’s government has ordered their military to shoot (That’s right! SHOOT!) at US forces. I would not be surprised in the least if our soldiers are either injured or killed in the future. That would play right into McCain’s hands.

One military disaster or a terrorist act will change the course of the campaign.

That’s all McCain needs!


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