TSN Does NASCAR Fans In Canada a Huge Dis-serivce!

I’m back from a weekend in Canada where I was perplexed to figure out where in the world was the NASCAR race from Richmond this weekend.

TSN, the “so-called” equivalent of ESPN, is supposed to be the official network for NASCAR in Canada. But for some reason, the people in charge decided not to air the most important race of the year. The network decided to air Canadian Football League games in its place.

On the satellite service, Bell ExpresVu, TSN had an available channel that was not airing anything. Surely, they could have utilized that channel for their NASCAR fans to watch the race! Instead, millions of NASCAR fans in Canada were left in the dust trying to figure out if David Ragan or Kasey Kahne made it to, “the chase”.

Now I don’t have a problem with airing CFL games, I’m a huge fan of the league. But if Canada wants to be in the NASCAR picture, then programmers need to find a way to get their fans coverage of the race.

It’s inexcusable to leave NASCAR fans in Canada out of the picture…not with an important race like today’s!

Mexico lost it’s NASCAR race next season, could Canada be next if they continue this trend?


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