GOP "Gutless Cowards" Play Victim"

John McCain’s last-minute choice for running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, has surprised all sides of the political spectrum. When Palin took the stage in Ohio last week she was a barely-known fresh face with little media exposure. (AFPTV)

Republicans in St. Paul, Minnesota are rallying around Vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. The McCain campaign is calling negative stories about her, “Shameless Smears”.

“SHAMELESS SMEARS?” WAIT A MINUTE! Let’s go down the list!

• Gov. Palin is facing an ethics violation in her home state.
• Caught red-handed pursuing pricey “pork barrel” earmarks as mayor.
• Was videotaped in a church service speaking about her religious views of US soldiers being sent to Iraq saying, “…our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God.”
• and, of course, details of her daughter’s pregnancy.

Bottom line, are they true or are they not true? I can understand if any of those statements or allegations were flat out lies. Then I’d say, more power to ya!

But if the media is doing their job by reporting the facts, facts the McCain camp already knew about, then what’s the problem?

Seems like the “gutless cowards” want to light the candle at both ends! The GOP can’t run on their atrocious 8-year record, so let’s play the “victim” and see if we can draw the sympathy card. And what a better way to do it then with a woman!

Sounds like the “Liberal” thing to do!


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