With Gov. Palin, McCain Chooses "Miss Congeniality"!

John McCain tapped little-known Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his vice presidential running mate in a stunning selection on the eve of the Republican National Convention.

She’s the former mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. She became governor of her state in December, 2006 after ousting a governor of her own party in a primary and then dispatching a former governor in the general election. She was also a runner-up in the Miss Alaska contest a number of years ago.

More recently, she has come under the scrutiny of an investigation by the Republican-controlled legislature into the possibility that she ordered the dismissal of Alaska’s public safety commissioner because he would not fire her former brother-in-law as a state trooper.

Sounds like a shit-stirrer to me! In fact, she asked for a federal investigation on fellow Republican, Alaska Senator Ted Stevens. Senator Stevens is scheduled to go on trial after being accused of failing to disclose more than $250,000 in home renovations and gifts from executives at oil services contractor VECO Corp. Stevens has pleaded not guilty.

If I were McCain, I’d watch my back. Because, “hell hath no furry like a woman scorned!”


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