Sinclair Broadcasting Campaigns for GOP!

You’ve probably heard of the name Sinclair Broadcasting before.

The broadcaster was notorious for attempting to air a controversial documentary about Massachusetts Senator John Kerry and his association with Swift Boat Navy unit on all of it’s affiliated TV stations a few days before the 2004 election.

The “Dinosaurs” are at it again. This time they’re airing anti-Obama ads linking him to a former 1970’s protester.

Bill Ayres was a radical with the Weather Underground. His group was involved in bombing the US Capitol and the Pentagon in the early 1970s.

Obama lives in the same neighborhood with Ayres, who apparently has been rehabilitated and is now a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Ayers had a “meet the candidate” session at his house for Obama in the 1990s when Obama was first running for office.

And Obama was on the board with Ayers of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, an education-reform group financed by Walter Annenberg.

Annenberg was a billionaire who founded TV Guide and was Richard Nixon’s ambassador to Britain when Ayers was bombing Nixon’s Pentagon. Annenberg was also a close friend of Ronald Reagan.

Obama’s staff are trying to get rid of the Ayers ad, which was financed by Harold Simmons, the man behind the “Swift Boat” attacks on John Kerry four years ago. They say the ad violates campaign law. CNN and Fox have refused to run the Ayers ad, but Sinclair gladly ran the spot.

So, apparently with the help of Sinclair Broadcasting’s affiliated TV stations, Obama is now being linked to terrorism. Leave it to Sinclair to do the GOP’s dirty work!

The company needs to have all of it’s TV licensees taken away from the FCC. If and when Obama becomes President of the United States, that topic will be surely be discussed in Congress.


Speaking of Sinclair…

The Department of Justice has rejected Sinclair Broadcasting’s planned $85 million purchase of WTVR Richmond, Va., from Raycom Media.

According to a press release by Sinclair, the United States Department of Justice acted pursuant to a consent decree that Raycom entered into with the DOJ when it purchased three stations from Lincoln Financial earlier this year. The decree empowered the DOJ to reject unilaterally any deal involving WTVR. Sinclair had hoped to set up a virtual CBS-Fox duopoly in Richmond, the 59th largest TV market.

In June 2008, when Sinclair announced that it had agreed to buy WTVR, a CBS affiliate, it also said it would sell its existing Fox affiliate in the market, WRLH, to Carma Broadcasting. But, under an agreement with Carma, Sinclair said it would have provided sales and other non-programming related services to WRLH and operated it in tandem with WTVR. Sinclair said that it believes that the proposed transaction would not have violated the antitrust laws.

“This situation, however, is unique because of the unilateral power held by the Justice Department under the consent decree into which Raycom had previously entered as part of a separate transaction,” Sinclair said.

In light of the DOJ action, Sinclair said the purchase of WTVR and sale of WRLH will not occur and that it is “continuing to explore its rights under its asset purchase agreement with Raycom.”

Raycom purchased all three stations of the Lincoln Financial Group, CBS affiliate WBTV Charlotte, N.C.; NBC affiliate WWBT Richmond, VA and CBS affiliate WCSC Charleston, S.C., as well as its sports syndication business for $583 million in cash.

To comply with FCC rules barring ownership of two top-rated station in markets as small as Richmond, Raycom decided to spin off its existing Richmond station, WTVR.


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