Still Voting For McCain This November? Take a Look at This!

John McCain likes to tell people that what he brings them is “straight talk.”

But working people know better. We’ve seen the McCain agenda — tax cuts for the rich, Social Security privatization, and war without end — before. And we know the only thing “straight” about it is the way it will keep America going straight down the road George W. Bush put us on.

Every American needs to know the truth about John McCain and his radical right-wing agenda. So today, Change to Win is launching a new multimedia campaign to help every voter learn the truth about John McCain.

Get the truth about the McCain agenda on this new Web site:

To kick off the campaign, the McCain Truth Squad, a team of workers dedicated to spreading the word about John McCain’s plans to continue the assault on the American Dream, set out from Nevada this morning on a trip that will take them through ten states in seven weeks.

At every stop, they’ll be talking to workers about the McCain agenda and sharing those workers’ stories through Additionally, the site features interactive games, videos and news stories that expose the reality of John McCain’s plans for America.

Check it out!


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