Where are the Canadians at the Olympics?

We’re half way into the Olympic Games in Beijing and one thing’s for sure, you won’t see a maple leaf anywhere in the awards ceremony, at least not yet.

Suspiciously absent in the winner’s circle is the Canadian Olympic team, whose performance at the summer games are nothing short of, an embarrassment.

The country’s athletes haven’t found the podium in 7 days. What’s the problem?

One problem is the government’s lack of financial support. Summer sports in Canada has not received much attention as much as it’s winter sports. The country’s failure to properly fund it’s Olympic summer sports programs have led to an unprecedented shut out currently taking place at the games. A feat that should be considered, shameful.

It might get better this week. Track and Field events starts today and Canadians have been traditionally been able to find there way to the podium.

Unfortunately, time is running out in Beijing. The last thing Canada needs now is to be beaten in the medals total by poorer countries like Tajikistan or Togo.



WHOO HOOO! The Canucks finally broke through this weekend as they won gold in Women’s Wrestling & Men’s Rowing.

As of right now, they have 7 total – 2 Gold, 1 Silver & 4 Bronze.

For a moment there, I though they were gonna be shut out!


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